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Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentA bedbug infestation will turn your life upside down lead to numerous issues. Treating your home with pesticides is one way to tackle the problem, but precise steps need to be taken to ensure success. Researchers at Purdue University recently researched the effectiveness of pesticides for eliminating bedbugs. It was discovered that exterminators would need to visit the home at least twice with a considerable time between the two visits.

Our company follows a strict protocol to guarantee that we’ll be able to get rid of your bedbugs.

  • During the first two visits, we’ll inspect your home and treat it for bedbugs
  • On the last visit, we’ll check for bedbugs and treat your home when necessary
  • We space our treatments out by 2 to 3 weeks to ensure bedbug eggs will have plenty of time to hatch

When you pick us as your exterminator, you can sleep soundly knowing we’re going to use safe, effective bedbug products. Contact us so we can help you fix this problem immediately.

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