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Bed Bug Thermal Heat Treatment

Bed bug infestations are among some of the most to fully eradicate, which is mainly due to social behaviors. The bed bug lives and travels in groups (colonies) with varying populations.

Our conventional pest control treatments utilize pesticides – organic, natural, and chemical-based – to eradicate pest infestations of all severity levels. When conventional pest control is not an option, thermal heat treatment becomes the best alternative.

How Does Thermal Heat Treatment Eradicate Bed Bug Infestations?

Heat is generated by large heaters that are forced into the impacted home utilizing fans and flex duct. We utilize temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit to target bed bugs in all phases of the life cycle. Thermal heat has proven to be one of the most effective pest control weapons against bed bug infestations.

Fans push the heat into the impacted home, directed at problem areas like bedrooms and nurseries. Heat penetrates crevices, cracks, and other difficult-to-reach areas until reaching its destination, where the bed bug is hanging out.

Thermal heat is targeted at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to deliver immediate results. Bed bugs cannot survive in temperatures this high, which is why heat is a great extermination alternative to conventional and eco-friendly pest management services.

Is Heat The Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment?

Heat is one of the three most effective bed bugs treatments. Cryonite and steam are believed to be as or more effective than heat. All three of these treatments are effective in minimizing the bed bug population in homes and businesses.

Eradicating bed bugs with thermal heat almost always works because of its penetrating capability. Our exterminators utilize equipment to direct heat in areas where bed bugs are believed to be living. It can take up to 15 minutes to eradicate bed bugs with thermal heat.

Monitoring Bed Bug Thermal Heat Progress

Exterminators cannot safely approach a bed bug infestation with thermal heat without thinking about the potential consequences. Our thermal heat bed bug treatment combines two visual inspects with a single treatment to determine effectiveness.

Bed bug-ridden areas are exposed to 140+ degrees Fahrenheit heat to ensure the maximum results. Once the treatment is complete, the exterminator conducts a visual inspection to determine if the bed bug status.

Does Thermal Heat Bed Bug Treatment Require Pre-Treatment Evacuation?

As mentioned previously, bed bugs cannot survive in 140-degree Fahrenheit for more than 15 minutes in most cases. To protect our customers from the risk of thermal heat pest control, the home must be completely vacated before our exterminators and technicians are permitted to render the area. With this said, humans may not be able to survive in thermal heat environments.

While thermal heat bed bug control appears to be harmless, long-term exposure poses some potential health risks, including exhaustion, cramps, stroke, and death. This is only why we believe working in an occupied home is not ideal for thermal heat bed bug treatment.

We will give you plenty of time to vacate your home before the installation of our thermal heat treatment.  We have successfully treated hundreds and homes and businesses in Los Angeles with thermal heat.

Understanding Heat Treatments For Bedbugs In LA

Los Angeles is one of the liveliest cities in the world. If you’re a resident, you likely enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. However, you’ll know that LA has developed one major issue during the past few years. Los Angeles residents have to worry about bedbugs infesting their homes. If you ignore this problem, bedbugs may enter and damage your home. Furthermore, they’ll make it impossible for you to sleep soundly at night.

A&M Pest Control can help you deal with bedbug infestations. We offer the most innovative heat treatments to ensure that the bugs are going to be removed from your property quickly and safely. Below, you’ll learn more about heat treatments for bedbug infestations in Los Angeles.

Why Are LA Residents Choosing Heat?

 When it comes to bed bug treatments, your options are plentiful. However, you’ll likely want a solution that is effective, safe, and affordable. It is difficult to compete with thermal heat treatments. Our experts understand this wholeheartedly and we know that our clients prefer heat because it is safe and eco-friendly. This is why we’ve invested heavily in heat treatment equipment and supplies. We want to make sure that our LA clients can get rid of their infestations in the safest way possible.

With our heat treatment solutions, you’ll be able to rid your home, office, or store of bedbugs quickly. In most cases, we’ll get rid of the bugs in one day.

How Heat Treatments Work

 Complex science ensures that heat treatments are going to be effective. However, our clients shouldn’t have to worry about the complexities. Instead, they want reassurance that our heat treatments are going to work and keep everyone safe. These are things that we guarantee to our clients. We promise that our heat treatments are going to work exceptionally well while keeping your loved ones safe. Bedbugs cannot survive when exposed to extremely hot temperatures.

When exposed to hot temperatures, they need to escape or they’re going to perish. We’ll make sure that the bugs do not escape.

Always Effective

Many companies have decided to take advantage of heat treatments. However, we’re confident that we’re going to provide a more satisfactory service than anyone else. We’ve been offering heat treatments for many years so we’ve perfected this technique. We know how to provide heat treatments better than any other Los Angeles exterminator. Our clients agree that heat is one of the best ways to deal with an infestation in Los Angeles so you’ll want to accept their advice and work with us.

While the risks are slim, there is a chance that bedbugs are going to survive after a heat treatment session. They may do so by hiding in cracks and crevices. Don’t worry though. We’ll make sure that all holes are sealed prior to heat treatments to prevent the bedbugs from escaping.

We promise that we’ll get rid of the bedbugs entirely. If they return, we’ll return and treat your home once again. You can count on A&M Pest Control to get rid of your bedbug infestation by harnessing the power of heat.

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