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Bed Bug Control

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Unfortunately, if you live in the Los Angeles or greater Los Angeles area, you’ve likely encountered bed bugs. Maybe it was an infestation at your home, at your kid’s school, or maybe it was a neighbor’s home that was infested. Perhaps, you drove past a hotel that was closed for fumigation. Whatever the situation is, bed bugs are making a huge comeback in the area. The worst thing is, you don’t have to be dirty or unclean or even disorganized to suffer an infestation. We’ve seen some of the cleanest and nicest homes get infected.

While this is truly troubling, we want the local community to know that we are here. We are here with the most effective and reasonably priced treatment options. We offer various types of treatments and specialize in all the latest technology. Our techs have spent hours and days inside classrooms and real-world settings, studying and learning about this new tech so they can offer you the most effective pest control solutions possible.

Your Schedule Is Our Schedule

Time is a commodity that many just don’t have much of today. This is completely understandable and that’s exactly why we are adaptable. Whether you need our services during the night, on a holiday, or multiple days in a row, we are here for you. We are reasonably sized a large number of quality techs that can do it all. This makes it easy for us to assign someone to your job that can handle it when it needs to be handled. We’ll be there when and where you need us!

How About A Guarantee?

Very little in life is guaranteed. That’s why we at A&M Pest Control choose to provide you with the convenience of guaranteeing our work. All of our work is actually guaranteed by contract. It’s guaranteed that the job will be effective and you’ll be pleased with it, otherwise, we’ll redo it until you are happy. Maybe you just want your money back. We are willing to offer that as well. These would be rare circumstances for us, but we want the local community to know these options are afforded to them should they need them.

What Else Makes Us Different

The truth of the matter is, we could sit here and dote on ourselves all day. However, this doesn’t verify anything that we are saying. Be sure to check out our previous customer feedback. This is something that can be done on our official website, the Better Business Bureau page, or through a search. Here are some other things that we offer as well:

  • Free quotes
  • Same day inspections and services
  • Versatile treatments
  • Our work comes with follow up visits to verify the issue is cleared
  • Locally based and family-owned
  • Licensed and insured for years
  • Experienced techs
  • Continuing education and drug testing are required

Reach Out Right Away! 

Bed bugs have become more and more prevalent than ever before. Sometimes failed DIY treatments and attempts only work at making the situation worse. Not to mention that they are more expensive than imaginable. This is why we strive to be affordable and offer the best pest control solutions possible.