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Cryonite Treatment

Cryonite – Solution To Bedbug Infestation Eradication

If you are new to the extermination industry, it is likely you are unfamiliar with the cryonite treatment. This state-of-the-art treatment is designed to eradicate bed bugs on contact. Yes, other bed bug treatments offer the same benefit but cryonite is still better because it has the capability to eradicate “entire” bedbug infestations. When properly applied, cryonite kills mild, moderate, and severe infestations entirely.

Deemed “Safe”

When some people think of cryonite, kryptonite comes to mind. This is not such a bad thing because both are very similar. However, kryptonite is not as powerful as cryonite. Kryptonite is only capable of weakening the superhero Superman while cryonite kills on contact. Now, back to bed bug infestations and cryonite.

Cryonite has been deemed “safe” by extermination experts. It has also been deemed “effective” in eradicating infestations of bed bugs. When applied, the carbon dioxide nontoxic gas becomes extremely cold, resulting in the bed bugs freezing to death. Now, this is not so bad when you think about the damage bed bugs leave behind.

Liquid cryonite has been measured at below 110 degrees Fahrenheit. When applied in moderate volumes, the liquid gas can eradicate small-, medium-, and large-sized colonies of bed bugs. Colonies are comprised of both adult and young bed bugs, as well as their larvae, tiny immature bedbugs.

Cryonite – How It Works?

While classified as state-of-the-art, complex technology, exterminators all across the nation, including Los Angeles, have mastered the task of cryonite application for bed bugs. Licensed exterminators have become so familiar, comfortable, and reliant on cryonite that they have nicknamed it “snow.”

Like snow, cryonite is so cold that it will damage the living cells of bed bugs, resulting in instantaneous eradication. Fortunately, for humans, snow is more about having fun and less about the eradication of humans and animals. Unlike some humans, bed bugs are not favorable to cold weather or snow.

Cryonite works by creating extremely cold temperatures. When applied on contact, it kills bed bugs almost instantly. If you are familiar with the bed bug heat treatment, you probably know it has the same impact on bed bugs. The only difference is the temperature. Heat treatment utilizes high temperatures between 117 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Cryonite, on the other hand, utilizes temperatures below 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cryonite is a liquid gas that is applied throughout an area that is infested with bed bugs. Licensed exterminators safely apply the gas to inanimate objects like baseboards, wallboards, upholstery furniture, and wood paneling. The idea is to allow the cryonite to penetrate into areas known for bed bugs.

What Los Angeles Residents Say About Cryonite Bed Bug Treatment

Thousands of residents throughout the city and surrounding areas have put cryonite to the test. There is no standard cryonite product sold over-the-counter. The only way to access the cryonite treatment is through a licensed extermination company or contractor. Unfortunately, many over-the-counter bed bug pesticides have been weakened to the point they are no longer effective in eradicating bed bugs. They may weaken the bed bugs but are unable to eradicate them.

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