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Rat Exterminator – Everything You Should Know

There are a variety of different pests, which can plague residents of Los Angeles. If you live in the area, you will want to make sure that you familiarize yourself with the pests in the area. Of course, some pests are universally problematic and are capable of plaguing households throughout the nation. Rats and other rodents undoubtedly fall into this category. Before making contact with a rat exterminator in Los Angeles, you will want to learn about these rodents and contemplate your choices. Additional information will be provided below.

Understanding Rats

Before attempting to find a solution to your rat problem, you should learn about these rodents. Rats are actually warm-blooded mammals, which are found nearly everywhere. They have very large front teeth, which are used to chew and gnaw through almost anything. Unfortunately, rats are not only annoying and scary, but also they’re capable of carrying parasites and diseases. With this in mind, you will want to get rid of these problematic pests, before it is too late.

Enlists The Assistance Of A Cat

The Tom and Jerry cartoon might’ve played on the cat and mouse relationship in a satirical way, but the real life relationship is significantly different. Cats can be a very good way to eliminate rats. The feline is undoubtedly a great hunter and they have a hunch for tracking down and eliminating rats. Just remember that cats aren’t perfect. Rats that have taken shelter in your walls or in your attic will be nearly impossible for the cat to capture.

Rat Poison

If you wish to kill the rats, before disposing of them, you will want to consider utilizing rat poison. There is no doubt that rat poison can be entirely effective, since it has been used for generations. By strategically placing the poison, you will be able to kill the rats, without too much trouble. Unfortunately, this technique isn’t flawless. Rat poison can be dangerous for you, your pets and your children. Also, the poison usually takes a few days, before it kills the rat. This could result in the rat dying within your walls, which would be very problematic.


Another good choice is to utilize rattraps. Traps are capable of capturing the rats and preventing them from escaping into your walls or attic. Unfortunately, nobody wants dangerous traps sitting around in their home. Be sure to position them out of the way, so your child or pet doesn’t become a victim. Also, you should remember that you would need to physically dispose of the rat, once it has been captured and this will not be fun.

Finding A Rat Exterminator In Los Angeles

It is likely that a lot of homeowners would rather allow a professional take care of the problem. If you fall into this category, you should begin researching the exterminators in Los Angeles. They’re plentiful, so you will need to perform background research, in order to find the best one for your particular situation. Remember to research the company’s history and their current rating with the BBB. Once you’ve found a good company, you will want to give them a call and request a quote.
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